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GRAND-i-TOUR images for your website

Would you like to use GRAND-i-TOUR images for your website? This is quite possible for a charge and subject to certain conditions.
Firstly: all the images and graphics on the GRAND-i-TOUR domain are protected by copyright. However, you can acquire a limited right to use of certain images. The price depends on the intended use.
Below are the terms for use of images in question and answer format:

Which images can I use?
    All images on this website whose file names start with “git” may be downloaded and used subject to the terms stipulated on this page. For various reasons, all the remaining images are only cleared for use on the GRAND-i-TOUR website. You can find out the name of a file by clicking the image using the right mouse button and viewing the file properties.
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What does it cost to use an image?
    You can acquire a limited right to use of GRAND-i-TOUR images subject to the terms stipulated on this page by paying a fee. This payment enables you to download the respective image and use it on one single website.

Most GRAND-i-TOUR images can also be ordered in a higher resolution, please contact us at info@grand-i-tour.com for details.
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How do I pay?
    You can simply pay with paypal. Make the transfer to info@grand-i-tour.com stating the image file, the name and address of the user and the website the image will appear on. If you live outside the EU, payment is only possible via paypal. If you live in the EU and do not have a paypal account, please contact us at info@grand-i-tour.com for our bank details.
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How can I use the images?
    The payment per image enables you to use the respective image on one single website. Please note the image uses given below that are strictly not permitted.
If you use the image on your website, the origin of the image must be indicated with the note »GRAND-i-TOUR«. The right of use is not granted exclusively for your website; that is, other GRAND-i-TOURists may also acquire a right to use of the same image.
The right to use of the image or image files is not transferable.

The prior consent of GRAND-i-TOUR in written form is required for other types of use, such as use of the images in advertisements or use of the images in connection with multimedia presentations, ebooks, DVDs, CDs or comparable data storage media, or other uses that necessitate making copies of the image file. GRAND-i-TOUR reserves the right to charge a higher usage fee in such cases depending on the number of copies or potential users.

The following uses are strictly NOT permitted:
  • Resale of the images or image files, in whatever form, or licensing, giving away or otherwise transferring the right to use of the image or image file. This also applies to images that have been further edited by you or a third party.
  • Use of the images in connection with pornographic content, racist content or content that glorifies violence; or in connection with content that glorifies national socialist ideas or plays down national socialist crimes.
  • Use in connection with a licensing transaction, in particular for electronic greeting cards.
  • Use in connection with unsolicited emails or spam.
  • Storage of the image files »for stock purposes« over a long period of time without direct use is not permitted. The acquired right of use shall lapse if you do not use the image within six months of paying the license fee.
  • Use in connection with a website similar to GRAND-i-TOUR in concept or content.

  • If you have any queries or require clarification, write to us at info@grand-i-tour.com .
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    Do I have the copyright to the downloaded image?
        No, copyright remains with the respective photographer named in the file information. With transfer of the license fee you merely acquire a limited right of use. The copyright note on the image file may not be removed or modified. If an image file does not exhibit a copyright note, the copyright rests with Heike Werner/GRAND-i-TOUR.
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    Can I edit the image?
        You may edit the images for your own purposes if you wish. However, please note that the copyright remains with the respective photographer named in the file information and that you may not mark the images as your own or resell them even if you have edited them.
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    What else do I need to know?
        GRAND-i-TOUR shall not be liable for incorrect image descriptions or motif information or for technical problems of any kind that may arise from, for example, downloading the image files, their file formats or their further use.
    In case of legal disputes the place of jurisdiction shall be Munich, Germany, as far as possible.
    The following person is responsible for GRAND-i-TOUR:

        Heike Werner
        Reitmorstr. 8
        80538 Munich
        E-Mail: info@grand-i-tour.com
        Tel: ++49-89-21 02 84 78
        Fax: ++49-89-21 02 84 79
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    Copyright Heike Werner
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